Revd Kennedy Bedford

The Revd Kennedy Bedford (Shiloh Pentecostal) Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Office 0161 489 3908
Mobile 07958 876 374
The Rev'd Kennedy Bedford have served the Chaplaincy as one of the call-out ministers since 1998 and took up post in 2006 in a part time capacity. As chaplain he has ministered to all areas of the airport, in the terminals, the administration buildings, on the airfield and beyond the critical parts. He came to us from Zion Methodism (American Methodist) and now serves the Pentecostal community in Manchester and for the Shiloh Pentecostal Fellowship of Great Britain. His career includes a period working for an ecumenical organisation, working as a judicial counsellor, a professional mediator and counsellor. Kennedy says that he enjoys his ministry at the airport and finds the varied challenges growth enhancing and facilitating.